Part.21 你期望的薪金是多少?

What are your salary expectations? 你期望的薪金是多少? 範例 1 This is something I am willing to negotiate with you to be able to agree on a salary that recognizes my skills,

Part.19 為什麼我們需要聛請你?

Why should we hire you? 為什麼我們需要聛請你? 範例 1 With my skills and abilities, I believe that I am a fantastic candidate for this position. I have most of the qualifications

Part.18 你會否接受減薪?

Would you be willing to take a salary cut? 你會否接受減薪? 範例 1 I am open to the idea of negotiation, though a salary cut would not be possible. Unfortunately, a

Part.16 你是否正在應徵其他職位?

Are you applying for other jobs? 你是否正在應徵其他職位? 範例 1 Yes. I currently am applying for many positions. Unfortunately, today’s job market is quite competitive and, even if you are very

Part.14 你的上司或者同事是如何形容你?

How would your boss or coworkers describe you? 你的上司或者同事是如何形容你? 範例 1 In my previous role, my boss has always described me as detail-oriented, eager, reliable, and a colleague that always

Part.13 你是個一個勇於面對風險的人?

Are you a risk-taker? 你是個一個勇於面對風險的人? 範例 1 I feel like being a risk taker is something very important, as it will motivate one to make ambitious decisions and tasks. Because

Part.12 你的理想工作環境是什麼?

What type of work environment do you prefer? 你的理想工作環境是什麼? 範例 1 I would say my preferred environment is a healthy balance of having my co-workers near me and working alone.

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