From your resume it seems you took a gap year. Would you like to tell us why that was?


範例 1

Yes, I did take a gap year so that I could develop my skills and abilities. I took several courses to receive certifications and the skills I need. In addition, I had wanted to know where my passions lie and where I can make the most impact. In addition, I was able to have other work experiences that allowed me to use those skills from the certifications outside of the classroom. For example, I have travelled outside the country to contribute towards teaching ESL students English and have contributed towards the healthcare system as a registered nurse for about 5 months. Moreover, I had taken a gap year to better myself.

範例 2

I initially took a gap year before entering university, as I had not known what I wanted to study. University is quite expensive, and I wanted to ensure that I would enjoy putting my newfound skills in whatever profession I found after my studies. This gap year has allowed me to gain self-confidence and various skills. I had gone to several colleagues to take courses and certifications, which helped me to explore my passions. With my university studies, I was even more certain what my passions were and completed any final steps that I needed to boost my self-confidence even further. In addition, I also wanted some work experience prior to entering university. Work experience is very important to help build skills, communication skills, and teamwork.

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