How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?


範例 1

If I am put in a situation where stress will be common, I always have to cast my fears and emotions aside. I can’t let my emotions take over, so what helps the most is that I only focus on what I can do at the current moment, and give it my all when dealing with stressful situations in a job. Jobs won’t always be filled with relaxation, and I know I always have to stay on my feet, alert. Because of this, I feel as if I can take care of deadlines, because I know I always do the best I can for a job

範例 2

For me, I strive the most under pressure. If a job environment is boring and doesn’t teach me to work hard or work to the best of my abilities, it damages my work and the quality of my assignments will decline. I believe pressure builds more potential in a company, which is why dealing with pressure and stress in a job isn’t necessarily a bad thing to deal with. Overall, I believe I can deal with stress well enough for it to not be an issue for me.

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