How do you handle conflict? / Tell me about a work conflict you experienced and how it was resolved.


範例 1

I believe conflicts, regardless of the severity, should be handled in a calm and mature manner. If there is a conflict that needs to be fixed, it is important to talk to the person who you disagree with and figure out how to solve the issue immediately. Communication in a job is very important and knowing how to properly listen to the other person is also vital. Additionally, for an issue to be resolved, sacrifices on both sides need to be made, even if you do not fully agree with the other person.

On several occasions at my previous role, I worked in a job where several coworkers and I had disagreed on how to complete several time-sensitive tasks. It was quite difficult, as some of the coworkers had (initially) not wanted to work as a team and were not willing to accept new ideas. It was quite difficult and frustrating for both myself and the others willing to cooperate. However, I and the more cooperative colleagues got together on our own time to try and figure out a way to compromise and find a way in which we can all be happy with the tasks assigned. Once we had found an idea that we thought would work, we had a meeting with all the colleagues to bring it forward. Thankfully, those colleagues that initially gave some trouble liked the ideas that were brought forward and had slowly understood how team members can work together to go above and beyond the expectations.

範例 2

When working, it is important to remember that a job can cause conflicts and arguments. It is important to not let personal feelings get in the way of a job and to remember that disagreeing with someone is not a personal issue. In addition, feelings should never get in the way of being respectful and kind towards your coworkers. Like all relationships, both parties need to put the effort to fix the issue. Communication skills, listening skills, and being able to act objectively are vital in the workplace, regardless of whether there are any conflicts.

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