【IELTS寫作範例】- 互聯網(Internet)

By CISM HK Staff


Students are becoming more and more reliant on the Internet. While the Internet is convenient, it has many negative effects and its use for educational purposes should be restricted. How far do you agree with this statement?

While the internet proves to be very resourceful for students, from completing research for upcoming projects or helping students ask questions to teachers when schools are closed, the past has proven that the internet can have negative effects on others, especially students. I agree with the statement.

While students try to complete their homework or study for tests, many things on the internet can cause distractions for students, ranging from social media, video games, video calls, and more. Any of these fun activities can be good for students in their free time, but as long as these applications are one click away from being used, students could easily be distracted if they do not discipline themselves enough.

Insomnia can also occur if students rely too much on the internet. If a student needs to have a specific amount of sleep but gets distracted from previous examples mentioned, prolonging their sleep can cause issues for students. There is also a study that shows that anyone who stares at short-wavelength enriched light, also known as “blue lights“, reduces the production of melatonin, decreasing your sleepiness. The result of this is students who do not get enough sleep can have their health affected in a bad way, are less likely to focus in class, struggle with creativity, and score lower on their tests due to their memory being affected.

In conclusion, the internet has for sure proved to be useful for students, but it is always important to have a healthy balance between using the internet and studying traditionally with textbooks. 

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  • 這篇文章裡有許多不錯的單字和片語。(紅字)
  • 第三段中insomnia很自然的融入整篇文章,並適度引用了道地的解釋。

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