【IELTS寫作範例】- 預期壽命(Life expectancy)

By CISM HK Staff


In many countries in the world, life expectancy is increasing. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this situation and give your own opinion.

Over the years, the medical industry and treatments for sickness have improved significantly. People are discovering more ways to treat sickness, thus, increasing life expectancy for those who are sick and in need of medical attention.

Knowledge and new ways to treat those with life-threatening problems are something we should value. Because of longer life expectancy, individuals with health issues that can be cured do not have to worry as much, and have a better chance of being cured, therefore being able to spend more time with loved ones. The technology developed over the years is something we should rightfully be grateful for. It also has its advantages because the longer people live, the more they could contribute to society. Anyone today could make a difference in society, and as long as we have the health system and knowledge to keep people safe, we can keep lots of people to make a difference in this world.

On the other hand, although life expectancy increasing can be seen as a good thing, overpopulation can be an issue that can arise from this. As hard as it is to admit, overpopulation continues to be an issue today and can cause various issues such as increased demand for food, water, housing, healthcare, and more. With more people around today, it becomes an issue all of us should be aware of, to where we need to find ways to deal with issues such as famine, and other ways that could threaten us.

Overall, the disadvantages can be seen as scary, but I think that the positives outweigh the negatives. Health care has improved significantly, and there can be so much more discovered in the future that can make the human population stronger.

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