【IELTS寫作範例】- 婚姻(Marriage)

By CISM HK Staff


“Some people feel that the legal age at which people can marry should be at least 21. To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

Stable marriages are vital for a happy family and community. Although people under 21 may be too immature to make these decisions, I still think the legal age for marriage could be lowered.

In my opinion, it is incredibly crucial that both people who wish to marry first become friends, get to know each other thoroughly, and realise that physical attraction should not be the basis of their love for one another. Both parties should also discuss other issues such as career goals, whether they want children, and other sacrifices that may need to be made prior to marriage.

After these considerations, if the couple still chooses to get married, both sets of parents should give their consent to their marriage. Not only does this ensure that the couple seriously considered the points mentioned previously, but parental consent also has other benefits. It can help avoid the couple being blind sighted by love, which is quite common regardless of age, and it can aid in strengthening family relations. However, parents should abstain from interfering with the choosing of a partner – their consent should only be given once the partner has been picked and marriage has been decided. Additionally, once the couple has married, parents are to refrain from interfering with their marriage, as it is now the couple’s responsibility to make it work.

In conclusion, I believe that the legal age for marriage can be lowered, though the marriage itself must be taken into great consideration from both the parties and parents involved.

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