【IELTS寫作範例】- 遠距工作(Remote Work)

By CISM HK Staff


“Information technology enables many people to do their work outside their workplace (e.g. at home, when travelling, etc.).Do the benefits of this mobility outweigh the disadvantages?”

The beauty of technology is that it allows some professions to work remotely. I believe that there are several advantages to having this technology, though one must also weigh the potential consequences it may give before making the decision to work partly or completely at home.

In my opinion, people have the luxury to choose where to work because of information technology. Many people commute to their work, which can be quite demanding. While workers can sleep in and use their time more effectively, parents who work from home are likely to worry less about their children. Even if they still need childcare services, they do not have to worry about being late to pick them up and may be able to use less of those child services if the circumstances permit. Phone calls and emails can be taken from home or from a quiet place outside the home, such as a coffee shop.

There are also many disadvantages. Unless the company provides the appropriate technology and equipment, many people cannot necessarily afford to get the technology they need to work remotely. Additionally, some people tend to work more hours, leading to less time to spend with family and less time for hobbies and leisure. Others do not like working from home due to not having enough motivation, resulting in a decrease in productivity. Many employers are worried about this issue and many breaks can go unmonitored. In addition, communicating with coworkers and building a community can be quite difficult to do remotely.

In conclusion, it is good for employers to provide the option for workers to choose what works best for them, if possible. Employees must also take each advantage and disadvantage and see what works best for them before deciding.

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  • 這篇範文中有不少高分單字, 片語和句子(紅字們)!
  • 第二和第三段當中的想法和例子都很貼近真實生活。

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