【IELTS寫作範例】- 社交媒體(Social Media)

By CISM HK Staff


“Some people believe that social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, have a negative impact on young people and their ability to form personal relationships. Others believe that these sites bring people together in a beneficial way”.

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. Although there are many benefits from technology, particularly social media, there can be a lot of harm and consequences without the education on how to use these tools. This is particularly true for younger people, especially adolescents

Many people argue that social media can build new relationships, which is true. It can also aid in maintaining current relationships, which may otherwise be lost. However, meaningful relationships are often compromised as a result. Being able to chat and meet with the people in person is quite different than chatting with them online. Most memories, inside jokes, and experiences are done in person. Learning about who they are, their strengths and weaknesses, and truly forming a bond while getting to know them is easiest without social media.

However, many social media sites can also put many people in danger. Cyberbullying has increased immensely with social media use, and many go to meet a potential date without ever seeing them in person, potentially resulting in a tragedy. Many receive personal messages on their WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, with many scams regarding their bank accounts, social media, and family members. Those not aware of these potential scams often lead to giving their personal information and can also lead to disasters, such as bankruptcy. Furthermore, their personal information, such as their address, is available to many other dangerous situations.

In conclusion, without the proper education about how to use social media, there can be many negative consequences and that relationships should go beyond the use of technology.

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  • 這篇範文中有不少高分單字, 片語和句子(紅字們)!
  • 第二和第三段當中的想法和例子都很不錯。

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