【IELTS寫作範例】- 職業Career

Some people feel that certain workers like nurses, doctors and teachers are undervalued and should be paid more, especially when other people like film actors or company bosses are paid

【IELTS寫作範例】- 教育Education

It is widely believed that children of different levels of intelligence should be taught together, while others think that more intelligent children should be taught separately. Discuss and present your

【IELTS寫作範例】- Army

Some people think women should be allowed to join the army, the navy and the air force just like men. To what extent do you agree or disagree? People have

【IELTS寫作範例】- 食物Food

In some countries, many people suffer from health problems due to overeating fast food. It is, therefore, necessary for governments to impose a higher tax on this kind of food.


【IELTS寫作範例】- 玩具Toys

Some parents buy their children a large number of toys to play with. What are the advantages and disadvantages for the child of having a large number of toys? Children

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