Tell me a time when you failed


範例 1

I have a hard time saying no. There was one time when I said yes to a lot of job assignments, I figured I could do it in a short amount of time. After working so hard, it took me a while to realize some assignments wouldn’t make it to the deadline. I had to accept that I took on too much, and some projects were ultimately delayed. I would at least rather have an assignment of mine done well, but late, rather than have everything completed, but done poorly. My manager wasn’t too happy hearing the deadlines weren’t met, thanked me for the work I already put in, but encouraged I don’t push myself to complete tasks in an unreasonable time. Although this happened, this example of failure helped build me as a person and is a lesson I am grateful I experienced.

範例 2

For me, I have a hard time asking for help and prefer to do tasks on my own. There was one time I was handling a customer with a task that I was not comfortable with. With wanting to look independent, I did my best to help this customer but ended up making multiple mistakes in front of them. The customer was very understanding and kind towards me, but my manager heard about this as he was nearby and told me to ask for help next time., That specific experience made me realize that it is okay to ask questions, as that will make mistakes less common.

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