Why should we hire you?


範例 1

With my skills and abilities, I believe that I am a fantastic candidate for this position. I have most of the qualifications for this role and, as I am a fast learner, I can easily learn anything that I am lacking. Based on the research I have done on your company and from what we have discussed today, I think your company is searching for someone that is detail-oriented, able to work individually and as a team, and have strong communication skills. All my previous roles have increased my skills in these areas, and I can help your company stand out from any competitors. In my previous role, I have contributed positively by creating a system which allows for better communication between employees and between employees and their customers. In addition, I was able to handle several time-sensitive tasks and increase company productivity.

範例 2

I believe that I am a fantastic candidate for this role. Even with my lack of experience in the field, I believe that my previous roles have helped me build enough skills to use for this specific role. I am a very flexible and adaptable person who likes to learn new things. Any tasks I have been uncomfortable with, I have always had the drive to master them and push myself outside my comfort zone. I was quite inexperienced in my previous role and, even though I had minimal training, I was able to learn quickly to help me strive and exceed company expectations. I hope to be able to use those skills to help with the company’s success and to help the company stand out from its competitors.

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